Daylight to the max

The beauty of the Flushglaze system is its flexibility, for larger areas of glazing the glass panels can be linked together using a variety of different methods.

Silicon seal

If you are working to a span of just over a metre then a simple silicone seal is the only requirement to secure the panels together.

Back to back angle

For larger spans you will need something stronger to safely support the joint between the glazed panels.The Flushglaze modular system can also be specified with back to back aluminium angles that form a tee shape for structural support.

Glass joins

If you’re looking to maintain an all glass finish the Flushglaze modular system can be specified using glass fins as structural support instead of aluminium angles.

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Innovative design is often the result of inspiring architecture. Being able to see how installing glass rooflights can dramatically affect the dynamics of a space is what keeps us inspired. Our rooflights feature some amazing technology and elegant design ideas but ultimately we all know what really matters is how these products improve your space.

Aluminium back

The aluminium back to back angle used in the Hill Top House project featured on the cover of AJ May edition.

RIBA award Knitters house

In Knitters house, a RIBA award-winning project, glass fins were used to maximise the minimalist appearance and capture the maximum amount of daylight.

Frameless finish

Our frameless finish means there is no visible internal framework, which maximises the light entering the classroom.

Modular unit

This modular unit is able to capture vast amounts of south-facing natural light from the front of the property in order to penetrate the north-facing kitchen area.

rooflight for auditorium


The even spread of light that encompasses the auditorium would have been impossible to achieve without Glazing Vision’s bespoke modular rooflight.

Flushglaze Fixed Modular Rooflight

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