Open up your roof

Our Sliding Over Roof unit does exactly what you’d expect: the entire section of glazing retracts out onto your roof space, leaving you with open, unimpeded views of the sky above. All the glass used is flush to allow water run off and easy cleaning.

100% opening – tracks on the roof

The weight of the glass is supported by tracks installed on the roof so you will need space to achieve this dramatic effect on your building. If you are limited on space we have another option: our Sliding Over Fixed rooflight.

One touch opening

The rooflight is opened electrically, operated by a rocker switch positioned at the discretion of the client. It includes a ‘one touch’ facility, where the switch is pressed then released leaving the rooflight to open automatically. If you wish the unit to stop, press close once. If you wish to have the unit only part open, you can keep the switch pressed until this point is reached.

Additional options

There are gadgets too, remote controls, rain sensors, proximity detectors, thermostats, keypad override systems – the units can even be connected to your building management system using the integrated plug and play electronics.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more? Please do get in touch and we’d be happy to provide you with information and answer your questions.


Innovative design is often the result of inspiring architecture. Being able to see how installing glass rooflights can dramatically affect the dynamics of a space is what keeps us inspired. Our rooflights feature some amazing technology and elegant design ideas but ultimately we all know what really matters is how these products improve your space.

Sliding over Roof Rooflight - Glazing Vision Europe

Fresh air by Sliding Rooflights

Fresh air by Sliding Rooflights integrated in a multipart Flushglaze skylight above a swimming pool in Athens.

Sliding over Roof Rooflight - Glazing Vision Europe

Roof terrace in Geneva

The glass of this Sliding over Roof rooflight retracts under an elevated floor of this roof terrace in Geneva.

Sliding over Roof Rooflight - Glazing Vision Europe

Light and air

Light and air. A multipart Flushglaze and a Sliding over Roof combined in this beautiful London home.

Sliding over Roof Rooflight - Glazing Vision Europe

Standard width for Sliding over Roof

Standard width for the Sliding over Roof is max 3690mm, as a Special it can even be a lot larger.

Sliding over Roof Rooflight - Glazing Vision Europe

Sliding over Roof in Paris

Sliding over Roof in Paris, the City of Light. Surely a roof top paradise.

Sliding over Roof Rooflight - Glazing Vision Europe

Sliding over Roos in Chamonix

Sliding over Roof in pitched roof in Chamonix, possible up to a 45 degrees pitch.

Sliding over Roof Rooflight

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