Impressive modular rooflight in new extension of church

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Modular rooflight St Michaels church flood of daylight

Adrian James Architects were appointed to create a new front extension of this church in north Oxford. The extension creates a new threshold for the church, encompassing a large multipart Flushglaze fixed rooflight from Glazing Vision. The frameless rooflight works to fill the entrance lobby with natural daylight and helps to create a lofty, open space with character.

Church extension Oxford

Combine monumental status with new architecture

Designing an extension for a monument is not an easy task. It was a challenge to retain the church’s character while ensuring the new space to be a supplement. The design, with the beautiful light, gives a welcoming feeling and ensures the linkage of the new lobby and the historic church.
Adrian James Architects already had experience with the products of Glazing Vision in large private projects and applied the rooflight as an eyecatcher. Rightly so ‘design with daylight’.

Making maximum use of daylight

Frameless modular rooflight in church extension

Natural daylight with frameless modular rooflight


A generously sized multipart Flushglaze roof light, measuring 3922 x 2566mm, was chosen to flood the new narthex space with plenty of natural daylight during the day. The product not only works to draw people in from outside the building, but also draws visitors back out of the church via the narthex after ceremonies. Three smaller fixed Flushglaze rooflights were installed throughout this contemporary extension to help provide natural light into both the toilet and kitchen areas.

Frameless rooflight

This new modular Flushglaze rooflight compliments the beauty of the church and provides a clear, frameless internal view of the new west gable window, emphasising the importance of the church as both a community and religious centre. Ryan Taylor of Adrian James Architects explains, “the finished result is excellent; installation of the rooflight was straightforward and the units appear seamless. The minimal detail is ideal from an architectural perspective.”

Frameless modular rooflight in church extension


With the rooflight running between two existing buttresses, there were some complications as the architects learnt that standard kerb detail couldn’t be switched over to an abutment detail mid-run. However, with the advice of Glazing Vision, this was not difficult to resolve and helped to create a positive working relationship, once again, between both Adrian James Architects and Glazing Vision.

The rooflight obviously generates added value, also from an architectural perspective. The minimalistic look and the Sky Only View ensure that the rooflight seamlessly fits into the design

Natural daylight in church extension

The new design has been positively welcomed by English Heritage, the planners, the diocese, the parish and the locals.


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