Natural ventilation with Sky Only View

For ventilation only, choose between our electrically hinged vent-only skylight or the manually operated ventilation skylight.

Electric ventilation rooflight

Our electrically hinged VisionVent vent-only rooflight uses twin-drive synchronised mechanics with encoder feedback to open automatically at the touch of a button, it features state of the art electronics to ensure smooth trouble free operation. The glass lid is supported by stainless steel hinges on each side meaning the unit is extremely stable when open and also means we can manufacture this unit to larger sizes. Up to 3m2 for the VisionVent electric compared to 2,25m2 for the VisionVent Manual.

It is secure in design and cannot be back-driven thanks to clever motor gearing reduction.

Manual ventilation rooflight

Our manual rooflight opens using a simple screw jack and pole mechanism which also supports the unit when in the open position.

Minimal visual impact

Internally the framework is powder coated in RAL9010 Pure White so that the already minimal frameworks visual impact is reduced further still.

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Innovative design is often the result of inspiring architecture. Being able to see how installing glass rooflights can dramatically affect the dynamics of a space is what keeps us inspired. Our rooflights feature some amazing technology and elegant design ideas but ultimately we all know what really matters is how these products improve your space.

VisionVent Solo Vent - Glazing Vision Europe

Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation with a VisionVent electric, up to 3m2.

VisionVent Solo Vent - Glazing Vision Europe

Improving the climate

Improving the climate in the bathroom with natural ventilation and a Sky Only View

VisionVent Solo Vent - Glazing Vision Europe

The VisionVent in a pitched roof

The VisionVent in a pitched roof

VisionVent Solo Vent - Glazing Vision Europe

VisionVent electric

VisionVent electric

VisionVent Solo

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