Walkon glass on the street brings light into The Bartlett School of Architecture

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For architects in training, to design a building, that is a challenge. Redeveloping an old, dark building into an inspiring space, that is even more of a challenge.

Walkon glass - Bartlett School of Architecture

HawkinsBrown took that challenge and 7 walkon rooflights of Glazing Vision were part of the plan. With this renovation/redevelopment HawkinsBrown won the 2017 Retrofit Awards in the category Higher and Further education buildings and the RIBA London Award 2017.

Walkon glass connects building & environment

Starting point of architect HawkinsBrown

Major starting point of the architect was to make a connection between the environment and the activity in the building:
“The entire building has been reconfigured to include significantly more studios and breakout space, encouraging collaboration across the school. Central to the design philosophy is opening up the façade or the building to reveal the activity within. This has been achieved by placing formal and informal exhibition spaces at ground floor level, inserting a new staircase to open up the building’s circulation, re-orientating the entrance and expressing key spaces to give strategic views of London.”

Walkon glass Bartlett School of Architecture

These customised rooflights around the building ensure extra daylight in the building that was once so dark. In addition, the open spaces, large windows and the broad open stairs cause a creative climate.

Natural daylight

Tailor-made rooflights alongside the building

A ‘glazed pavement’, parts of the street around the building are made of walkon glass. This was necessary to get daylight into the spaces below street level. These rooflights, made of walkon glass, are attached against the facades and were tailor-made in a factory in Norfolk. Implemented entirely flush with the street, watertight and very well insulated in order to comply with the eco-credentials of the building. From inside, no ugly framework is visible, while the light flows into the studios and workspaces.
In addition, on each floor there are windows from floor to ceiling with a magnificent view over London. An inspiring environment for architects in training and an inviting atmosphere for passers-by.

Tailor-made rooflights alongside the building

An important key feature in the building is the large wooden stairs, more like a sculpture, made of black steel and wood. A ‘social generator’, meeting point and the connection between all floors and departments.

Architect: Hawkins/Brown

RIBA London Award 2017


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