Transformation of a Dutch roof terrace with walk on rooflights

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Design Studio Bochanen walkon glass

‘Walkon glass, that must be incredibly expensive?’
Well, to produce glass as walkon design, it must be strong. Extra thick and laminated. That is what makes walkon glass more expensive than glass of a rooflight.

But with the smart use of our standard sizes, walkon glass can also be applied cheaply. In this blogpost we will show you how Studio Bochanen designed a beautiful terrace using six pieces of walkon glass with a standard measure.

Design Studio Bochanen:  roof terrace - economical walkon glass


A luxurious roof terrace with different areas

On the roof of a former workshop in the centre of Delft, a luxurious roof terrace was realised, with different areas or conservatories. Thanks to the walkon glass enough light comes into the former workshop, which is added to the home as a multifunctional living space.


Walkon glass roof terrace Delft

Standard sized walkon glass

Minimal design and clear structure

The 130 m2 terrace area is divided by means of a clear structure and use of different materials. The minimal design of the walkon glass ensures that the glass element seamlessly fit into the entirety. The four areas give the terrace different atmospheric qualities: from lounging to dining, to gardening. Illumination in the steps, on the wooden decking and on the plant troughs ensure that the terrace can also perfectly be used at night.

Detail: walkon glass on roof terrace

Implemented flush with the floor

Whether it is in the wooden terrace or in the green section: the walkon glass is implemented flush with the floor. Want to know about how this is done? Read our article about this: “Walkon glass implemented flush in the roof terrace floor”.

Walkon glass implemented flush with the floor

Walkon glass on roof terrace in Delft

More about this project: Portfolio Studio Bochanen



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