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Architectural quality roof lights with a minimalist look. Architects like our products, because they are high-quality, well designed, well priced and easy to install. Popular products are now available at attractive prices in the web shop.

We custom-build rooflights to order to ensure the perfect fit to any architectural design.

But in some projects you rapidly need a product. That is why in our web shop we offer the best products from stock, at promotional prices. This way you can quickly enjoy extra daylight in your home or a splendid access to your roof terrace.

What can be found in the web shop, a summary

  • Popular sizes
    In the web shop we sell the most widely applied sizes of rooflights, walkon glass and roof access.
  • Favourable prices
    We have been able to manufacture products in greater numbers so as to be able to deliver them from stock at a favourable rate.
  • Quick delivery and high quality
    Short delivery times, attractive prices and still enjoy the quality of the unique concept: guaranteed watertight, insulated safety glass.

Our online products listed

(Prices are exclusive of VAT)

Order rooflights in the webshop

These are our online rooflights:

S: 1 x 1 meter for € 995,-

M: 1 x 1,5 meter for € 1.295,-

L: 1 x 2 meter for € 1.495,-

XL: 1 x 2,5 meter for € 1.895,-

XXL: 1 x 3 meter for € 2.395,-

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Walkon glass is offered in the following sizes:

S: 1 x 1 meter: € 1.495,-

M: 1 x 1,5 meter: € 2.195,-

L: 1 x 2 meter:  € 2.995,-

XXL: 1 x 3 meter: € 4.795,-

Order your walkon glass

Order walkon glass in the web shop

Our roof access hatches in the web shop

Order access hatch roof terrace in the web shop


M: 1.1 x 1.5 meter : € 3.450,-

L: 1.1 x 2 meter : € 3.750,-


XL: 1.3 x 2.9 meter : € 11.950,-

XXL: 1.3 x 3.4 meter : € 12.950,-

Go to the roof access hatches in the web shop

Need a different size? This can always be arranged.

Do you require other measures for your project than are offered in the web shop? No problem, we can manufacture all products tailor-made.
Contact the sales team of Glazing Vision Europe and we will be happy to serve you.




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